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The future is, GREEN
Inline Fiberglass has been a world leader and pioneer for over 25 years in the development, design, and application of window and door systems. Inline was first to introduce a full line of fiberglass windows and doors.

The future is, GREEN.
Green product brochure
Consumer's Guide
High-performance windows and doors–the subject of this guide–offer significant improvements in solar control, thermal comfort and energy efficiency. They do this by incorporating low-E coatings, inert gas fills, and better edge spacers and frames. This guide explains how these advances in window and door technology work, and will help you make informed decisions about purchasing windows and doors–whether you are replacing units in an existing home or designing a new home.

Consumer's Guide PDF Format
Natural Resources Canada

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Equilibrium Housing
The EQuilibrium Housing Initiative, CMHC’s challenge to design and build 12 net zero (“Net zero” energy housing produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year) energy housing projects across the country , represents an integrated industry/government/consumer contribution toward Canada’s evolution into an environmentally responsible country as it relates to the housing sector. This article will provide an introductory overview of the program, describe unique design details and construction of several projects as well as provide follow up contacts for interested observers and participants.

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SABMag - November/December 2007

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Refined Strengths of Fiberglass Doors
Design driven product changes are inevitable,as applied ingenuity advances the construction industry's capabilities through material and technology innovations. In this regard, exterior fenestration components have considerably evolved in terms of:

·- Material types(from aluminum to pultruded fibreglass);
.- Finishes (types and quality of coatings and laminates);
.- Performance capabilities (frame, panel,and high-performance glass).

Fiberglass Doors PDF Format
Construction Canada - September 2007

Tilt and Turn Windows - 300 Series
Tilt and Turn Windows - 300 Series
Casement, Awning and Fixed Windows - 325 Series
Casement, Awning and Fixed Windows
Commercial Strip Windows - 400 Series
Commercial Strip Windows
Casement, Hopper and Fixed Windows - 700 Series
Casement, Hopper and Fixed Windows